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Welcome to the Calibration Laboratory of CBM Engineering. Our laboratory has been certified to the ISO 17025-2020 standard. Both on-site and in-lab, we provide high-quality calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair services. The ISO 9001-2015 standard has been applied to our quality management system. Reference equipment used in the laboratory are traceable to the national and international standards. Environmental parameters are continuously controlled and monitored.

Combining our expertise, experience, and unique range of reference equipment, we are able to provide the best solution for every measurement demand.

Almost all quality assurance standards specify regular control and monitoring for measuring instruments. Another significant reason to guarantee the precision of your measuring devices is the sense of safety. You can only trust the accuracy of your measurements if you know your equipment are operating properly. This confidence is essential for both your business and your customers. Correct measurement is critical nowadays.  Inaccurate measurement might result in costly economic consequences.

Every measuring instrument ages due to mechanical, thermal, and chemical stress, resulting in measured values that drift over time. This cannot be avoided, however, it can be identified in a timely manner by the calibration process.

You can benefit from appropriate and periodical calibration:

  • Validation of audit safety
  • Compliance with standards requirement
  • Increase process safety
  • Improvement of measurement quality
  • Confidence in the measurement accuracy
  • Prevention of reworking

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