Chemical Laboratory

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What do we offer?

CBM Engineering offers various services including diagnostics of transformer and lubricating oils, environmental monitoring (water and soil quality inspecting) in accordance with the valid international standards (ASTM, ISO, etc.).

Why choose us?

CBM Engineering laboratory is accredited under:

  •  AZS ISO/IES 17025:2020 – indicates competent operation and reliable results providing
  •  ISO 9001:2015 – verifies the presence of a quality management system.

The laboratory is equipped with high-precision equipment operated by qualified specialists.

  • Since sampling is an important element affecting the accurate results obtaining, it is carried out on-site by our team of experts. The procedure is conducted in full accordance with corresponding standards which are listed in further sections.
  • For each test you are offered several standards to choose from, according to which the analysis would be performed.
  • Test reports are compiled in detail and include information about the range in which the result lies (test uncertainty).

List of services we provide

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