Lubricating oil analysis

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Lubricating oil is the lifeblood of machinery, therefore if something unusual happening in the system or application, it will show in the lubricant & can detect the issue with proper lubricant testing. Lubricant analysis can be a routine activity to prevent sudden premature failure or any machinery problem. When an abnormal condition or parameter is identified through lubricating oil analysis, immediate actions can be taken to identify the root cause or mitigate a developing failure. Sampling of lubricating oil is conducted in accordance with ISO 14830-1:2019.

Lubricating oils are also analyzed in our laboratory. The determined indicators according to applicable standards are given below:

  • Determination of color – ASTM D1500, GOST ISO 2049-2015, GOST 33092-2014
  • Determination of flash point – GOST 6356-75,GOST ISO 2719-2013, ASTM D93-19
  • Determination of viscosity – GOST 33-2016, ISO 3104-94, ASTM D445-17
  • Determination of viscosity index – ASTM D2270-10, GOST 32500-2013
  • Determination of density – GOST 3900-85
  • Determination of water content – GOST R 54281-2010
  • Determination of mechanical impurities – GOST 6370-2018
  • Determination of acid and base number – GOST ISO 6618-2013, ASTM D974-14, ASTM D5984-11, GOST 32328-2013
  • Determination of elements by inductively coupled   plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) – ASTM D5185-13
  •  Determination of water separability – ASTM D1401-12, GOST ISO 6614-2013
  •  Determination of polycyclic aromatics – IP 346:1996

Determination of corrosive effects – GOST 2917-76, GOST 32329-2013, ASTM D130-12

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